Creating special designs for clients is an enjoyable and satisfying experience and I am happy to accept commissions. I can create an original design for you, adapt one of my existing designs, or customize a traditional design.

The process of creating a work of art on commission is decidedly different from my more spontaneous work as it takes into account your thoughts and desires and incorporates them into your environment.

This process usually begins with a discussion of your reasons for incorporating the artwork. Do you need the window for privacy, to control light, to block an unpleasant view or do you just love the play of light through glass? If necessary, I then visit the site to see the surroundings of the window, assess lighting, determine installation requirements and take precise measurements. Depending on your particular requirements I can then offer you a 'ball park' estimate of both cost and delivery time.

I do require a design fee to develop detailed scale drawings and, when necessary, provide samples. This fee is applied to the total cost and is not refundable. I will work with you to develop a budget and payment schedule. Once you have approved the design and glass selection, I order the necessary materials, draw the full size cartoon and fabricate the window. In most cases I, along with my father, perform the installation.

From our initial conversations through the installation, the artwork I create for you will contain energy from both of us with results you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I copyright all of my designs and do not allow them to be produced or reproduced by others.

Pricing is based on a variety of factors. In addition to the size of the piece I consider complexity, techniques and materials required, as well as the uniqueness of the concept. As a general rule, straight line geometric designs and windows incorporating bevel clusters would be least expensive. Representational designs such as birds, flowers and vines would be in the middle to very high end, and my abstracts would be in the very high end.


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