ANDATA O RITORNO - Not for sale.

The glass is complex and has layers of color such that it has three completely different personalities. In reflected light from the front it reads a rather flat solid turquoise green. In reflected light from the back it reads wild swirls of deep burgundy red and varying shades of deep blue. In transmitted light, and it really takes strong light to penetrate all the layers of color, a rich mixture of blue and burgundy and purples appear. It's like a trip to outer space. Faceted glass jewels are emerging from an optical reducing lens through which you can see the world beyond. I have carved some spirits around the center. Whether they are emerging from or being drawn into the center I could not decide, hence the name - Going or Coming.

All the glasses are hand made, full antique and both copper foil and lead were combine to assemble this piece.

Image ID:IMG0084 Function:Window
Status:Not for Sale Location:Personal Collection
Price:$0.00 Dimensions:30 1/2 in. w X 35 1/2 in h
Date Created: 11/19/1999 Weight:

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