I was honored to be selected to create an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree for the year 2002. The theme for this year was "All Things Great and Small". The ornament had to depict a bird that was indigenous to my home state of Virginia and meet certain height and weight restrictions. I chose a favored and frequent visitor near my home, the elegant Great Blue Heron. I used multiple depth sand carving to produce the high level of very small details. I used a diamond band saw to sculpt the contour of the bird and marsh grasses. The ornament was suspended with a gold ribbon that was tied around the marsh grass.

At the end of the holiday season the ornament becomes a part of the White House Permanent Ornament Collection.

Per agreement with the White House I may not reproduce this design for sale.

Image ID:IMG0103 Function:Ornament
Status:Collection Location:The White House
Price:$0.00 Dimensions:6in w X 4 1/2in h
Date Created: 09/28/2002 Weight:6 oz.

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