These windows were designed by Mrs. Tamar Fishman, a very talented member of Congregation Beth El in Bethesda, MD, to surround the entrance to the Alan Swoff Memorial Chapel.

The thirteen windows reflect the thirteen articles of faith as expressed in the Yigdal Prayer. Mrs. Fishman enlarged and stylized the first word of the each line of the Hebrew text and then, underneath it completed the line and added transliteration into English. More than decoration these windows also serve to inspire and instruct. It was very satisfying to see parents and their children pointing to and sounding out the various letters.

The technique I used to create the finished product was reverse sand carving. It was a great pleasure to work with Mrs. Fishman, and other members of the congregation, in the creation of these windows. I much appreciated the background information that was afforded me so that I could faithfully prepare the full size drawings, hand cut the stencils and sand carve the design into the custom beveled glass panels.
Image ID:IMG0180 Function:Window
Status:Commissioned Location:Bethesda, MD
Price:$0.00 Dimensions:24 in. x 24 in.
Date Created: 08/01/2006 Weight:

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