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New neighbors moved in and cut down all the trees that used to provide privacy for this client. I used a distorting clear glass for the background to admit light and restore some privacy. I used a blue waterglass for the water and opalescent glass for almost everything else. I used flashed glass for the Koi fish and sandcarved their patterns into them. While it is not shown this was designed to be a background for an aquarium that sits on the ledge in front of it. The Koi can be seen through the aquarium and the waterfall and waterlily sit on top of the tank. To see another window that I designed for this client please go to Image O143.
Image ID:IMG0142 Function:Window
Status:Commissioned Location:Bethesda, MD
Price:$0.00 Dimensions:28 in w x 57 in h
Date Created: 07/17/2004 Weight:10 lbs

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