New neighbors moved in and cut down all the trees that used to provide privacy for this client. Additionally, the husband wished to honor his wife, named Lily, and asked that all of the flowers in the window be a type of lily. To that end there are Day, Trumpet, Oriental and Calla Lilies. In an extension of this theme a Water Lily was used in another window of this home. (See Image 0142). I used a distorting clear glass for the background to admit light and restore some privacy and various types of opalescent glass for the flowers and background. In many of the flowers and leaves I used mottled glass to simulate dappled sunlight. Unfortunately the tops of the trees were cut off in the photo.
Image ID:IMG0143 Function:Window
Status:Commissioned Location:Bethesda, MD
Price:$0.00 Dimensions:28 in w x 57 in h
Date Created: 07/17/2004 Weight:15 Lbs

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